There’s a Better Way for Call Centers to Connect With Customers

See how Call Progress Analysis (CPA) Grows Efficiency & Reduces Costs

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Predictive dialers are only as good as they are accurate. Traditional approaches are triggered by any noise and rely on guesses. That means too many unanswered or misrouted calls, too much wasted agent time, and too few served customers for call centers.

Advanced automatic dialers with call screening capabilities, Call Progress Analysis (CPA), use signal processing algorithms to distinguish between live parties, answering machines, and even voicemail services with 98.5%accuracy. That ensures only calls answered by live parties are passed to agents, ensuring that every second counts with tangible results.

Outcomes seen by LumenVox CPA users include:

  • Agent idle time fell from 33% to just 5%
  • Close rates improved by 10%
  • Average savings of $7 million annually for a 400-agent call center