The Secret to a Highly Accurate Auto Dialer

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The Challenge

Call centers have operated in parallel with sales and customer service during the pandemic, playing a central role in keeping many businesses afloat. Studies show that sales calls increased by 72% in March and 65% in April 2021, compared to pre-pandemic baselines.

To support a return to growth going forward, it’s essential for companies to equip call center agents with the tools and support needed to boost calling capacity and increase revenue.

Auto dialer software can eliminate wasted time and enable agents to focus their skills on what they do best—winning new business, building customer relationships, and closing sales.

A quality auto dialer can streamline the outbound calling process and give agents back the time they lose on unanswered calls, punching in number after number, and listening to lines ring.

Did you know that there’s more than a 60% chance that a call will not be answered?

Imagine how much time your agents could save with state-of-the-art auto dialer software doing all the chore work for them? That said, some auto dialers still rely on outdated technology. These systems have their limitations, such as not being able to accurately determine whether they have reached a human or an answering machine when the call is eventually picked up. This can lead to embarrassing mistakes that tarnish your brand reputation and drive customers away.

The Solution

With Voice Activity Detection (VAD) capabilities and 20 years of experience delivering industry-leading speech recognition, LumenVox’s AI-driven Call Progress Analysis (CPA) gives your auto dialer software the intelligence required to distinguish between humans and machines with greater speed and accuracy. Learn more by downloading the free ebook today!

  • Get Fewer Inbound Calls
    When customers receive up-to-date, relevant information, they do not need to contact an agent or phone the call center for important updates.
  • Create Happier Agents
    CPA dramatically reduces inbound calls, reducing the workload of agents.
  • Increase Efficiency
    With CPA, automated dialers can significantly contribute to operational cost savings.
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Accurately and efficiently delivering messages improves customer satisfaction and creates customers for life.
  • Reduce Costs
    CPA significantly impacts the overall competitive advantage for call centers.
  • Easy Integration
    It is easy to plug LumenVox CPA into both custom and standard applications.